Dec 6, 2020

 by Rebecca Rose

Exciting news! 

Midtown Yoga Kitchener Waterloo is hosting a YOGA COMPETITION this Spring. 

Are you looking to get stronger, become more focused and work towards a goal with like-minded humans?

Back in 2016 when my co-home studio announced they were hosting the first local YOGA COMPETITION, I didn't listen to the words.... for a while. I thought - competition, yoga isn't a competition. I thought, I still have stage fright. I thought, I'm not good enough. I thought, I can't do that. I thought, who me?????? I thought a lot and sadly I recall it all being negative.  Then I started to THINK. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin, I wanted to become more confident. I kept listening to my inner voice, however quiet it was saying YOU CAN DO THIS. It doesn't have to perfect, you don't have to be able to do it now, you don't have to be able to do the most advanced posture. All you have to do is SIGN UP. Take one step in the right direction and follow the path wherever it goes. I am looking forward to making the commitment to make myself a priority, to doing the work again, to following through, to getting stronger. I look forward to doing this with YOU. 

Sign up! Details will be announced soon. Date to be released shortly. 

We were just so excited to release the info, we had to let you know NOW. 

Looking forward to training with YOU. 

Rebecca Rose and whole MYKW team.