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#1 Rated Yoga Studio in Kitchener | Waterloo

Unlock the Power Within: Transform Your Life, One Sweat Drop at a Time!


Seeking life-transforming yoga experiences? Midtown Yoga offers Bikram, Inferno Hot Pilates, Yin Yoga & much more. For all levels with top-notch instructors. Dive in now!


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Having feelings of being stuck in a fitness rut?

Tired of generic yoga studios that lack fire and passion?

Seeking for something invigorating, challenging, soulful?


Welcome to Midtown Yoga

Where the life-transforming practice of Bikram Hot Yoga isn’t just a session; it's a revival of spirit. Paired with our blazing Inferno Hot Pilates and the grounding elements of Yin Yoga, you're set on a journey for the ultimate rejuvenation.

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A Class for All Levels


Whether you're a seasoned yogi or setting foot on the mat for the first time, our classes cater to every soul.

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Bikram Hot Yoga

The mesmerizing, life-transforming practice of Bikram Hot Yoga. Feel the intensity, embrace the heat, and witness your body and mind evolve.


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Inferno Hot Pilates

Turn up the heat even more! Our Inferno Hot Pilates sessions blend high-intensity training with pilates principles for a killer workout.


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Yin Yoga

Slow it down and sink deep. Discover the balance with our Yin Yoga classes, targeting your deep connective tissues, improving flexibility, and finding peace.


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Midtown Yoga 

Where Transformation Begins


  Ready to break free from the monotonous, faceless fitness routines?

  Yearning for a community that gets it?

  Dive into a world where yoga is more than a practice; it's a lifestyle. Join us at Midtown Yoga.


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#1 Rated Yoga Studio in Kitchener | Waterloo