What to know as a beginer

Aug 28, 2020

 by Rebecca Rose

Bikram Hot Yoga for beginners

Our studio boasts a perfect space to offer Bikram Hot Yoga. We seamlessly replicate the environment initially popularized by, Bikram Choudhury. 

Our hot room will be heated to 40° C in a 40% humidity environment to duplicate the conditions in India, where this system of hot yoga was developed and popularized in the ’70s.

Bikram popularized the sequence of poses such that every class works through a fixed sequence of 26 postures, with the first and last being breathing exercises. 

We offer a 90-minute class and a 60-minute express class. In the 90-minute class, you will perform each of the 26 postures twice, whereas, in the 60-minute express class, you will only perform 5 of the 26 postures twice.


If you are preparing for your first time with us (or ever), or if you’ve been before but want to ensure you are best prepared, this next part is crucial!

(Additionally, if this is your first class with us, please make sure that you have pre-registered online)

  1. Hydration - The first thing to know to make sure you can reap the rewards of a productive class is that it’s vital to come hydrated. It is just as essential to bring water (or an alternative, such as coconut water) with you into class. A 1-Litre bottle will do the trick to keep you fully hydrated. Alongside this point, if it is your first time, it is often ideal to have eaten a few hours before as a general rule.
  2. Yoga Mat & Towel - Secondly, if you own a yoga mat and yoga mat towel, you are welcome to bring them to class. If not, they are available in our studio to purchase or rental services.
  3. What To Wear - Thirdly, dress to sweat and stretch. Bring clothing that you will feel comfortable in and isn’t too heavy. It is common for men to wear shorts and go shirtless, and for women to wear shorts/athletic wear and a sleeveless shirt or sports bra. Many members choose to wear t-shirts as well and if you feel more comfortable that way, that is 100% fine, try not to wear heavy cotton as it will not be as breathable and may limit your mobility.
  4. Shower - Lastly, we have complete shower and bathroom facilities, so don’t forget to bring another towel to dry off after class. We provide state of the art filtered water, soap, blow dryers, and toiletries.


No matter how long you have been coming, you should always listen to your body, and if that means taking a break and resting or sipping some water, allow yourself to do so. For beginners, challenge yourself. Try to stay in the room the entire class, that in and of itself is an accomplishment.

 When first practicing Bikram Yoga, it’s best to stand in the back of the room so you can follow along and watch others. This is more imperative than usual because, in this practice, the instructor doesn’t do the postures, rather they speak you through the class mindfully. 

They will keep you engaged to optimize your experience by directing you through each posture with a flow and encouragement.

If at any time you feel unwell, please take a knee, or lay down on your mat. It is encouraged that you stay in the room, this will help you alcemize to the heat. If do not need to leave at all,  we ask that you do this between postures to keep disruption to a minimum. When returning to the room, we also kindly ask that you enter between postures.

Personal Safety:

If in general good health, you should have nothing to worry about, but for your own wellbeing, double check, and if you relate to any of these, consider speaking with a doctor before attending:

    1. Dehydration - this is the major safety concern concerning classes taught in the heat. Always, and I repeat always, hydrate before, during and after class. 
    2. If you have any of the following health conditions you’re at a higher risk of passing out: Heart disease, diabetes, arterial abnormalities, anorexia nervosa, prevalence to faint - Low blood pressure and/or low blood sugar levels are both safety concerns, as they make you more susceptible to dizziness and lightheadedness. 




Yoga is an individual journey done in the presence of like minded people. Everybody in that room with you has at least one thing in common. They’ve chosen to pursue a healthier lifestyle. 

All of us seek happiness, and whether your goals differ, you’re all in this together. Some are looking to look and feel their best, or alleviate stress, or improve their flexibility, or any of the other countless health benefits achievable.

Remember, you’re doing this for you!