The Importance of In-Person Community

Jun 15, 2022

 by Rebecca Rose

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced Zoom fatigue over the past two years. 

Or if your thumbs are sore from texting. 

Or if you’ve noticed five new things about your face from staring at yourself so much on FaceTime (because let’s be honestwe’re looking at the little video of ourselves most of the time on those calls). 

Technology has done wonders to connect us during some difficult times, but it is in no way a replacement for the real thing. 

Human connection is invaluable, and as our world begins to open up again, we need to make sure we are prioritizing gathering in the real world, and not just online. 

Here are reasons why it’s beneficial to keep seeing people in person. 

Better Communication

Anyone whose been in virtual meetings knows the dreaded moment where two people start to speak at once. It happens Every. Single. Time. 

“Sorry, you go first” has become a staple phrase in our vocabulary. 

But have you noticed this doesn’t happen face-to-face? 

This is because there are social cues that get lost in digital communication. Face to face, you can read someone’s body language and better interpret their facial expressions. There’s also the energy people radiate in person, which allows you to understand how they feel. 

Also, tone and context can become misconstrued through digital communication, making for potentially awkward or misunderstood moments. 

If you need to speak about something important or heart-felt with someone, it’s always best to do it in person so you can be clear about your stance and intentions and ensure the message gets across in the right way. 

Lowered Levels of Anxiety and Depression

We all know that joyous feeling that happens after a moment well-spent laughing with close friends or family.

We’re social beings. Our relationships are a vital part of our well-being. These relationships strengthen when we’re able to spend time together. 

The stronger these relationships are, the happier we’ll feel. 

We also need our relationships to help us face and overcome life's challenges. We don’t have to go through this all alone, and if we make time, we’ll find there are people ready and waiting to give us a hand. 

When we’re less stressed and mentally healthy thanks to strong relationships, our physical health reaps the benefits too. One study shows that people with healthy relationships are 50% less likely to die prematurely than people without them. 

And don’t forget to hug your friends and family when you see them! Hugging can boost your heart health, reduce your fears and release oxytocin, the happiness hormone. 


When we spend too much time by ourselves, in our ‘bubble’ or on social platforms, we start to create an echo chamber where we keep feeding conversations that reinforce our worldview. 

But when we venture out into our community and surround ourselves with people of differing views, backgrounds, and cultures, we can begin to open ourselves up to productive conversation, help solve collective issues, and look for positive solutions to move us forward. 

Being in community helps us foster an open mind. 

If you need an in-person community, join us at Midtown Yoga KW, where everybody and every body is welcome. Get in touch to learn about how to get started.