Spiritual Wellness: Purpose & Connection

Mar 2, 2021

 by Rebecca Rose

Spiritual Wellness: Purpose & Connection

Spiritual Wellness is not talked about very much, but is as important as other areas of wellness when we look at things from a holistic perspective. This part is a very personal part of the wellness puzzle, and can be as much or as little as you prioritize it to be. Wrapped up in all of it we see our beliefs and values, often rooted in a religious or spiritual practice. But it need not be so ingrained in religion... and activities that help foster a connection to nature or higher power. This looks different for everyone, so what's important is that you personalize your journey with it. 

Ultimately spiritual wellness is rooted in your values, beliefs and in how you treat others. It has close ties to Emotional and Mental Wellness in that it reflects the state of your thoughts and feelings. Do you respect and reflect on a higher power or purpose in your life? Are you aligned with it? How do you connect with it and use its power to fuel your activities in life? If yes, you will be filled with a sense of purpose, direction and meaning in life that will support and maintain your values. There are a number of simple things you can do to connect to "Source" this way and spend some time nurturing your spiritual wellness. 

Some of the ways you can work to improve your Spiritual Health & Wellness: 

    • Get out in Nature & Practicing Movement: Grounding within nature or practicing movement both have the effect of improving your mood, releasing feel good hormones like serotonin and other endorphins that counteract stress, cortisol and anxiety. Nature has also been shown to release positive ions which increases our bodies ability to fight off stress. Plus you get to disconnect and enjoy the peace and quiet of a slower pace for a few moments! 
    • Be Mindful: Practice meditative movement like Yoga, grounding techniques like being in nature, and breathing practices to allow the body and mind to slow down, smell the roses and bring your into awareness of what is happening in the here and now instead of worrying about the future or dwelling on the past
    • Make time for spiritual practice: Go to church, or practice ritual, prayer or meditation to connect to Source or spirit that supports your beliefs
    • Make time each day for you: For a short time out to relax, meditate, reflect, even pray. 
    • Journaling: Writing regularly can help you clear your mind, encourage relaxation and reflection and also keep you accountable to yourself. 
    • Know your Why: Knowing your values, what you stand for and live for, keep you focused on living with authenticity and integrity. 
    • Slow Down!: Literally stop to smell the roses. Take in the sunset or sunrise. Hug a tree. Watch a child experience things for the first time and experience their sense of wonder. Slowing down allows us to experience the miracles that nature and our Universe provides for us. It allows time not only for personal reflection but also to experience the wonders of our world that much of our day to day fast pace forces us to glance over and ignore. Slowing down creates space for deep breaths, a sense of playfulness and gratitude. 
    • Practice Gratitude: Seen by some as the ultimate spiritual practice, gratitude impacts your physical, mental and spiritual health. Physically it's been shown to reduce blood pressure, cortisol and improve both sleep and blood sugar levels. This in turn helps regulate our mental state by improving our thoughts and feelings of security and stability. Practicing gratitude, in its simplest form, creates a moment in an otherwise busy day for us to stop and acknowledge something positive in or about our lives. 


What can you do to honour your spiritual wellness, be mindful of your purpose and feel a sense of fulfillment in your day to day? Whatever makes you feel like a good person who is aligned with their values... do more of that <3