Physiotherapy program at Midtown Yoga Kitchener Waterloo

Jan 19, 2021

 by Rebecca Rose

As you may know we have added physiotherapy to the services we offer at Midtown Yoga Kitchener Waterloo. If this is a program you would like to benefit from the physiotherapist will be here every Thursday from 430-730pm for assessments. 

How is your posture? 

If you're a human body with a spine, it's likely it needs some work!

Did you know that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital media device usage has increased by 70%!?  Which has resulted in more cases of "text neck", sciatic nerve pain and back discomfort. 
It is never too late to improve your posture. The body is resilient and was designed to move, so it adapts well to most activities. Studies reveal that even people in their 80s and 90s can improve their posture, giving them more mobility, independence, health and quality of life
You already know that Bikram Yoga helps decompress the spine through a series of controlled moves and bends, which can strengthen muscles either directly or indirectly supporting your back.  It is no secret Bikram Yoga improves every single bone, muscle, joint, tendon and internal organ, and it revitalizes nerves, veins and tissues.  It also increases lung capacity and lung elasticity.
What's the Good News?
We have a Physiotherapy program right here at Midtown Yoga Kitchener Waterloo?  We are here for YOU!  What if you could elevate your existing Yoga practice with physio sessions to work on acute or chronic injuries before or after your yoga sessions?  What if we helped you get a handle on old injuries to improve your posture, and gain better alignment to be even faster and stronger in Inferno Hot Pilates?  What if we could help you rise up to be the best version of yourself that you've ever dreamt possible!  We would love nothing more than to be part of this journey!
This program means that we have brought on a registered physiotherapist who is helping people with a range of different issues including everyday aches and pains, which most people have never dealt with, or in the case of most active people, tend to push through. By making this program available to you within our warm, welcoming space you can take advantage of having a physio session in the same building as your yoga and pilates class, utilizing the heat, and also minimizing the amount of commercial spaces you need to attend while we continue to work through this pandemic.
Physiotherapy is covered by benefits, therefore we will be offering a physiotherapy and yoga/pilates package. The Physiotherapist will meet with you to assess your needs and our highly skilled team members will act as their assistant(s) to monitor your assigned program and progress. We are over the moon excited to help our members become the best possible versions of themselves through a joint effort and perfect marriage of the classes we offer at MYKW and this Physiotherapy Program!

The Physiotherapy program at Midtown Yoga Kitchener Waterloo has been in action since September 2020 and is a huge success.

Listen to what Emily C. has to say about her experience with Ezzat and the rest of the team.

physio testimonial

"I always thought that physiotherapy was for major sports injuries or people who had been in accidents, so I have spent the last few years living with increasing hip and sciatic pain. When I heard I could see a physiotherapist at Midtown I decided to give it a try, and after only about a month of working with staff at Midtown and the physiotherapist I am feeling so much better! My pain has gone from a 4/10 to a 2/10 and I have increased range of motion--not just when I am practicing yoga but in all activities. Having the Midtown staff to help and support me through the exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist has been incredibly helpful in terms of better understanding how my body should be moving and also in motivating me to be consistent. What else can I say--physiotherapy is magic and I'm so glad to have the Midtown team to support me through it!" Emily C.

Email for more information and to book an appointment.  
Rebecca Rose and the MYKW team.