Nov 22, 2021

 by Rebecca Rose

Who are your influencers?

In these days of modern technology and online entertainment from Facebook, Instagram to Snapchat and TikTok, it’s so easy to get lost in a virtual world, to see those highlight reels in the small electronic box in your hand and get caught up in the magic of it all. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against using these platforms - I use them every day. I look up recipes, fitness routines,  or even just take a moment to “zone out” or watch something funny. 

For me, I think my fickleness comes with not recognizing the day to day influencers around me, those who are a real life inspiration,  like the men and women of all ages in the Inferno Hot Pilates Class - seriously, all from young teen to mid/late 60’s. 

This week, the person who inspired me is the woman in my IHP class in her 60’s. She is strong, and gives it her all 100% of the time with a smile on her face. I introduced myself to her and let her know she inspired me to work harder that class, my thought processing being- if she can do this there is NO reason I can’t do this too. She was so happy to hear that feedback from me and then let me know this was her second class of the day, she had done an hour of yoga earlier, all I could think was - amazing! I hope I am as strong as Val when I am of her age. My respect of her for putting the time in for herself grew and I was influenced. 

This is what I love about having a membership here at midtown, I experience so much more from it than just the physical benefits. I get inspired to be my best self, to meet new people in real life, and to see the real life benefits of having a practice long term.

The community at Midtown Yoga is great, the men and women are seriously committed to what they are doing and to their individual practice, while also being very friendly and welcoming.

If you are looking for a connection or an opportunity to be influenced in a real life way, try out a class at Midtown Yoga. There is a new members intro special, so now is your chance! I look forward to connecting with you there. 

By Deanne Uttley