Hot Yoga...... for the intimidated Mama 🥰

Apr 25, 2023

 by Courtney Kukic

Congratulations on taking the first steps to trying hot yoga Mama!

It is completely understandable to feel intimidated when first starting a new exercise routine, I sure was! Especially after having a baby (or 2 or 3) and not having much physical activity other than chasing toddlers around the house.
Hot yoga is both physically and mentally demanding and exactly what every mama with young ones need. After 3-5 classes you will begin to crave the peacefulness and meditative state of mind it brings you. AND if you start in the colder months stepping into the hot room is pure bliss.
If I haven't convinced you yet to give it a go, here are a few more tips to make you feel comfortable and confident going into your first class.
1. Arrive early - arrive 15 minutes before class starts to get changed, set up your mat, get familiar with the studio and most importantly PEE AGAIN! 
2. Wear comfortable clothing - try and avoid baggy clothing as you want to be able to move freely. Try and avoid materials like cotton that will trap heat in, a sports bra and leggings are perfect. 
3. Listen to your body - it is HOT, take breaks when you need them. Try not to leave the room at all but instead just take a break laying on your mat in Savasana (corpse pose) and try to imagine you are on a tropical beach.
4. Bring a XL water bottle, mat towel and face towel - make sure you drink a lot of water (more than usual) before your class, now is a good time to up your water intake! A towel to put on top of your mat is ideal and I highly recommend bringing a small towel to wipe your face throughout your sweat sesh, thank me later for that one. 
5. DO NOT compare yourself to others - everyone has a unique body and abilities so it is important to not compare yourself to others. Focus on your own practice and watch YOURSELF in the classroom mirrors. 
Every student starts somewhere, so it is completely normal to feel nervous or unsure during your first class. Yoga is a journey and it takes time and plenty of practice to see progress. Just be patient, relax and BREATHE. 
Enjoy your first class and good luck Mama!
Court K.