Feel Your Success: Measure Your Own

Jan 5, 2023

 by Rebecca Coffey


Are you in the lead, and you do not find as many of those external rewards as you’d like? We all enjoy and find gratification in these kinds of recognitions: Material, verbal, visual, or monetary rewards that indicate your optimal performance, providing a jolt of energy to push on in a new challenging direction or to continue exploring the boundaries of your current pursuits.

Monique Valcour, PhD, coach, professor, and keynote speaker confronted these challenges people experience. Enjoy some of her findings and management tips included below.

Post-academic life: The external posts indicating and guiding success no longer mark the pathway ahead, leaving one feeling lost. Now, you must develop the essential self-awareness and self-direction to navigate your way so you do not feel adrift.

Feeling adrift can happen to anyone of any age due to the constraints of life or career. Examples include constantly working for that promotion which does not align with your efforts or searching for the respect or recognition of someone in life who may not be aware or able to offer this despite your efforts (stay tuned for future ideas in communication and connection).  

Do not give up. Broaden your definition of success, and move away from linear thinking.

External markers of success will not exist in all dimensions, so consider the objective and subjective indicators. How you perceive and feel about your experiences and achievements has the same impact as the extrinsic rewards of action. Be mindful and recognize your success in achieving your goals as a human being, such as finding better or mutual understanding with someone, having a positive impact, or helping others grow.  

Reflect now on your own experiences and examine successes you may have overlooked. Develop your ability to recognize, appreciate, and enjoy your accomplishments in all forms in whatever facets of life you may feel unfulfilled. Practice awareness and attention to detail to harvest enjoyment for rich fulfillment and satisfaction.


Some tips to remain motivated without recognition from the Indeed Editorial Team:

  • Track your progress and growth

Use a journal, OneNote, a chart to display your high-performance days, or an app to track your progress toward goals.

  • Provide small rewards for yourself

Developing small rewards for each goal can assist in staying motivated.

  • Try using daily affirmations

Find or create statements you can read or say aloud to yourself that communicate positive feelings.

  • Seek a mentor for more advice

Find a reliable person, whether inside or outside your environment, who may provide unbiased opinions or external insights.


May you be happier and healthier with each passing day, friends!

-Rebecca C