Best practices at Midtown Yoga Kitchener Waterloo

Jun 15, 2022

 by Rebecca Rose

Best practices at Midtown Yoga Kitchener Waterloo (MYKW)

We have been having the BEST time together at the studio this year. To ensure we all continue to get the most out of our movement practices at MYKW please review these tips on studio ettiqute and procedures. 


  1. NO LATE ENTRIES: Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class begins, as doors may lock when class starts. This is because sometimes only the teacher will be at the studio and they need to lock the doors when they start the class. It is important to make this a habit as we want you to be able to participate in your class when you have signed up. If you know you will be a few minutes late, call us (519-749-9888) and we can try to have a system in place for you to arrrive after class begins. In addition we will put a mat down for you ($2.00 charge) so that the class is not disrupted upon your entry.

  2. RENTALS: Please bring your own mat/towel/Water, however if you do forget them, we have them for rental or purchase.

    - Observe silence before and after a yoga class, no talking before - during or after the session. In classes where loud music is playing before class you are welcome to chat to your neighbours
    - If you are a person who sweats a lot please bring extra towels from home to clean up after yourself. Place your towels directly in a bag after cleaning up your space, as to not drip everywhere. We also have a laundry basket with clean towels at the back of the room so you can mop up after yourself. Put the dirty towels in the laundry basket in the change room.
    - If you need to leave the room/enter the room once class has started: make sure to do so imbetween postures as to not disturb fellow practictioners.
    - Leave your cell phone in a locker or at the front desk. If you are dealing with an emergency please talk to the front desk to see if we can accomodate having a phone in the studio on silent mode. 

       -  We gaurentee that the studio will be open 15 minutes before class, and 15 mintues after class begins. Sometimes the studio is open earlier, stays open later and you may socialize. However, please respect if the studio needs to open 15 minutes before and close 15 minutes after class. You will know this if the doors are locked before a session OR if a staff member asks you to make sure you are out of the studio within 15 minutes of the studio closing.
       - Staff will be performing extra cleaning duties during classes: if the doors are locked to the studio this is why and you may need to wait until the cleaning is complete for entry.


          LIVE class: an instructor is in the classroom teaching in real time. 

          VIRTUAL class: This class is on ZOOM in real time, to see how to access this check out this VIDEO on YOUTUBE. Unless the class as listed as HOBY (humans of Bikram Yoga) then you will get a link to the session.

          AUDIO class: This class happens at the studio and the instructor is teaching VIA ZOOM. You will still have the opportunity to be instructed individually as the instructor can see you.


  1. CANCELATION/NO SHOW: Strict class cancellation policy of 2 hours in advance applies. Late cancellation fee of $15.00 and a no show fee of $25.00. Your class will be returned to your card if you are a pass holder. If you need to cancel with less than 2 hours notice, please email the studio at or phone us at 519-749-9888. You will not be able to cancel yourself. We of course understand emergencies and illnesses please reach out to us within 2 hours of the class start time to inform us why you were not able to attend the session (preferably before the class begins)
  2. CREDIT CARD ON ACCOUNT: Moving forward we will require a credit card on your account to ensure these fees will be taken care of in the event of cancelations and no shows. In addition having a card on file will help to limit your touch points. 
  3. SIGN IN: You must sign in at the front desk before entering the hot room. Wait in line and give the front desk staff your name.
  4.  WAITLIST: If a class is full, please add yourself to the waitlist, there is no fee to add yourself to it. When a spot becomes available everyone on the waitlist gets an email and whoever signs up for the spot first gets it.
  5. CLASS CAPACITIES: 40 students per class, 35 if the class has equipment for the session
  6. WHEN YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR CLASSES: The schedule will now be uploaded monthly, instead of weekly. At the end of each month you can sign up for any and all classes the following month. 

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Be well!
Rebecca and the MYKW team