20 (ish) minute arm workout

Dec 6, 2020

 by Rebecca Rose

I am excited to share with you one of my debut videos! At Midtown Yoga Kitchener Waterloo, you may think we are all about HOT YOGA... I mean we are, and we LOVE inferno hot pilates. In this arm workout I lead you through 5 combinations to target your arms. We active your: Shoulders, biceps and triceps. A full arm workout that will only take you around 25 mintues.

Combo #1 - Pushup & Shoulder tap
Combo #2 - Tricep pushups & Cobra pulses
Combo #3 - Side pushup & Dolphin pushups
Combo #4 - Tricep dip & Crab walk
Combo #5 - Forearm plank & Up/down


Get yourself some water, a mat, and changed into some workout clothes and join me for the full arm workout.

25 minute ARM workout