10 Steps to Conquer Your Goals!

Aug 25, 2021

 by Sarina Mizutani

Part of our mission here at Midtown Yoga is to help you succeed- in all areas of your life. We believe that taking care of your mental health is just as important as caring for your body. That’s why during the month of September we will be sharing tips and tricks to help you set yourself up for success- by setting goals and staying on track to achieve them!

Once your goals are set, making them a reality can be tough… but here is a checklist to help you stay on track, no matter what goals you’re working toward.

10 Steps to Conquering Your Goals

1. FOCUS & DECIDE. Instead of choosing several goals to work on all at the same time, harness all that energy and focus it toward just 1-2 main goals. After, this you can always move on to your next goals but it’s best to not spread yourself too thin and try to accomplish too many things at one time!

2. Pick the goal with your BIGGEST WHY. This is the goal that you emotionally connect with and have a STRONG REASON for choosing. (example: “I want to have the energy to play with my kids.” - that’s a pretty big reason). Your “WHY” is what keeps you going, so it has to be a good one.

3. COMMIT. Commit the right amount of resources (time, energy, and attention) to make your goal a reality. Treat it like anything else important in your life - because it IS!

4. MAKE A PLAN. Every Sunday, set aside 15-30 minutes to plan out your week and make sure you have what you need on-hand and ready to go. Plan out small steps you can take each day of the coming week to work toward your goals. Then, every night take 3-5 minutes to make sure you’re on track for the next day. This makes a HUGE difference! It will help you stay accountable and always moving forward.

5. TAKE ACTION. This is actually the MOST IMPORTANT STEP of all. You won’t reach your goals without consistent action. Do something daily that moves you closer to your goal. Use the small steps you planned out on your Sunday and make sure you follow through with them- no matter how small the steps may be. By the end of the week, all of these steps will culminate to show real progress!

6. GET SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY. Tell trusted friends and family members what you’re working toward. With someone in your corner, when you have a “win” or a setback, you have someone to share it with and that will help spur your motivation to keep moving forward.

7. SET DEADLINES. Don’t skip this one! Without having a specific date to shoot toward, you don’t have any URGENCY to take action. When you feel a clock ticking down toward your goals, it will help you light a fire of motivation.

8. GIVE YOURSELF A REWARD. When you meet milestones along the way toward your goals, reward yourself with a healthy payoff! New shoes, workout gear, a book, or a massage are great choices.

9. MANAGE EXPECTATIONS.  Making changes and going after goals can take time and effort. Be patient and stay the course! Give your plan time to work … and know that some days will be easier than others. Just keep repeating step 5 (taking action).

10. REEVALUATE. Do a quick evaluation of where you’re at every few weeks. Are you killing it and staying on track? Are you following the plan? Or- are you following the plan and it’s not working? If needed, review your goal or your timeline, and what small steps you can take to get there.

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