10 Reasons You Need to Join Our Plant-Based Transformation Program

Jun 23, 2021

 by Sarina Mizutani

Midtown Yoga is excited to be running a 30 Day Plant-Based Transformation program beginning July 5th, 2021. This program intended to help educate on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and share easy, healthy recipes and ideas that will increase people’s consumption of whole, nutrient-dense foods. In preparation for this challenge, we want to get you excited to try out a plant-based diet by sharing TEN amazing benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Whether you are looking to improve your environmental footprint, clean up your diet, or simply looking for more energy and clear-headedness, the program is guaranteed to benefit you in a number of different ways!

1) Health benefits: Numerous studies show a link between plant-based eating and reduced risk of certain diseases & conditions including:

• Reduced risk of developing heart disease and stroke

• Lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes

• Help with lowering high blood pressure

• Improved cholesterol levels

• Reduced needs for certain medications

2) Boost your immune system: Certain essential nutrients in plants just can’t be obtained through other foods. These essential vitamins & minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants help keep the body in balance so the immune system can function optimally. It is especially important in these times to keep your immune system healthy and strong, so think of this as an added bonus!

3) Tons of guidance and support: This clearly structured program makes it easy to try out or transition into a plant-based lifestyle, which can be confusing and overwhelming without proper guidance. It will provide you with all the recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists you will need to ensure you are getting everything your body needs while focusing on more whole, plant-based food sources. Making this amazing change in your life has never been easier! For example, you'll get weekly checklists and lists to make sure you are on track for everything:

4) Help with weight management: This program includes many foods high in fiber, complex carbs, and water content which help to promote a feeling of fullness for longer. Plant-based diets also promote consumption of more calorically dilute (rather than calorically dense) foods like vegetables and legumes. This means you will be able to enjoy a lot of tasty food with less risk of feeling unsatisfied and overeating.

5) Improve your ability to eat intentionally and mindfully: The program encourages focus on eating proper foods to fuel the body, which will help develop more mindful awareness about your food choices. You will learn how certain nutrient-rich foods can make you feel amazing and energetic, and you’ll become more in tune with how your energy lowers when you eat less wholesome foods. This will help you continue to choose healthful foods as you learn more about what works for your body.

6) Receive guidance and tips on how to master the art of planning & prepping for your meals- a great habit for the busy modern-day lifestyle: This program will take the guesswork out of meal planning & prep- it provides you with fully formed (customizable if needed!) meal plans for 30 days. PLUS, it includes all the grocery lists you’ll need to prepare the food. You will never have to spend time thinking about what to cook for dinner, or begin cooking only to realize you’re missing an ingredient that you need. This is invaluable guidance that will serve you long-term when it comes to meal planning and preparation, even once the challenge is over.

7) Opportunity to track your improvements and work on goal-setting: Our plant-based transformation program also includes exercises related to goal-setting, commitment, and progress tracking. All you have to do is follow the prompts on the worksheets included, and by the end of the 30-days you will have a detailed account of how you progressed towards the goals you set for yourself! The self-reflection and goal-setting skills you practice during the program will be useful not only moving forward with your diet and food choices, but also in other areas of your life!

8) Expand your taste and your culinary skills:This program is your opportunity to try out dozens of new and delicious recipes. You may get the chance to try new foods you’ve never tasted before, or learn new ways to prepare foods you already know and love. For example, you may have heard of using TOFU instead of eggs to make a hearty and satisfying breakfast scramble. Tofu is a great plant-based alternative to eggs that will still allow you to get tons of protein and feel satiated. We have a recipe for a Southwest Scramble (pictured above) made with tofu that you are sure to love! It is one of the many recipes included when you join our Plant-Based Transformation Program!

9) Easier to support local, sustainable businesses: Many of the foods and produce included in the plant-based diet can be found in local farmers’ markets during the summer in Ontario (at affordable prices too)! Opting to shop at these locations helps to drive the local economy (especially at a time when it is so needed!) and ensures you are getting fresh, local produce.

10) Have a positive impact on the planet: Plant-based diets help reduce the negative environmental impacts related to factory farming such as greenhouse gas emission, water consumption, land usage. In fact, it takes 2500 gallons of water on average to produce just one pound of beef in North America. Animal agriculture takes up 45% of the total land on Earth, and statistics show that a meat eater needs 18 times the amount of land necessary to produce their diet compared to their plant-based counterparts. A study published in the Public Library of Science found that one’s environmental footprint would reflect a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emission and a 50% reduction in water use by switching from the typical Western diet to a sustainable, plant-based diet.

It’s never been a better time to do something good for yourself, your health, and the world. And the amazing thing about our plant-based program is that it is NOT designed to make you permanently adhere to a vegan diet. We want to help you discover ways to incorporate more wholesome, nutritious foods into your diet, in a way that is sustainable in the long term. This program is manageable for anyone and you can take what you need from it. This is just the beginning of your journey, and you will gain tons of wisdom and knowledge from it to help you make more conscious, healthful choices moving forward. If you’re ready to get started, click here to join us in our program, beginning July 5th!