yoga challenges

Next Yoga Challenge: 2019 Winter Challenge Dates coming soon!
Challenge yourself to do 4 classes a week for 4 weeks
Or 30 classes in 30 days

There is no charge for signing up, but if you have a class card or don’t have an active package then our “Challenge Month Unlimited" Special for $108  (+HST), regularly $149 (+HST), is the best package to purchase to do the challenge.  This is available until June 26th even for those not doing the yoga challenge!


choose your challenge

Set up a regular practice for yourself by joining one of our two challenges.

It can be quite a challenge to make practice every day doing the 30 day challenge, but some people love that!  If you miss a day, you can double (or triple) up on another one!

If you know you don’t have the time for every day practice, coming 4 days a week for 4 weeks constitutes a very solid regular practice which should leave you feeling good all week and help you to make a lot of progress with your practice and the transformation of your body-mind.

Join the challenge and see how it goes, if your 30 for 30 effort fails, turn it into a 4 for 4 challenge.  Or use our chart for your own personal challenge of whatever kind.

There is no cost for the challenge, but if you have a class card rather than an unlimited style of package, you can purchase a month of unlimited yoga for the challenge for just $108 (+HST).

general information

This is a perfect opportunity to get in shape for any season. You will be motivated by a goal made public and benefit from the group support.

Alot of benefits come to one who practices yoga regularly, eg, 3 or more times per week, which are never experienced by one who does not. The challenge is an opportunity to give yourself those benefits.

There is no charge for the challenge, but it is most cost-effective to have an unlimited style of package (rather than a class card). Therefore, our challenge month special is one month of unlimited yoga for $108 (+ HST).

You may mix and match classes as you like to complete your challenge--Bikram 60 or 90 minute classes, Hot Pilates, Powerflow, Yin, etc.!  You may therefore make the challenge as easy or difficult as you choose, according to the classes you choose.    For example, do 4 90 minute Bikram Yoga classes one week, and 2 Hot Pilates and 2 Yin classes the next!  Enjoy a buffet of yoga for a month and come out GLOWING and revitalized.

rules of the challenge

Either challenge yourself to come 30 days straight, or 4 times a week for 4 weeks.

If you miss a day, you can do two classes in one day to make up for it. If you miss two classes you can do a triple! or do a couple of doubles.

With the 4 X 4 challenge you have 3 off days per week. (4 times a week constitutes an excellent regular practice from which the full benefits of a regular yoga practice, and progress in the practice, will become available.)

With the 4 X 4 challenge you must do 4 classes a week EACH WEEK to complete that challenge. You may not port a class over to another week where you did not complete four classes.

It is self-monitoring: we don't keep track of your visits. You to do this on our challenge board at the studio. 

You may start doing the 30 for 30, find it is too much and then switch to the 4 X 4. It is your challenge.