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about the class

Important: Please come 20-30 minutes early before your first class to register.

Pre-Register Look for the MY INFO tab.

BUY NOW $49 (+HST) for One Month of Unlimited Yoga. (first timers only)

We have hot and warm classes.   All of the Bikram classes are practised in the heat, while the PowerFlow, Gentle Flow and Yin classes are practised in a warm room–around 25 degrees C.

The class is a workout, not a passive process and consists of 26 precise postures and two breathing exercises.

70 year old people with hip replacements and 16 year old ballerinas alike can do the class, practising at their own level and similarly receive the full benefits of the class.

The Bikram Yoga class is 100% exercise for the body-mind which affects your whole being – mind, body, emotions and spirit.

“Regardless of your age or current physical condition you’ll laugh, cry, moan, groan, sweat and experience the most exciting, hard working and effective therapeutic yoga routine in the world.” Bikram Choudhury

class preparation

Dress to sweat and stretch for the Bikram and PowerFlow classes. For the Gentle Flow and Yin classes, you will be comfortable wearing slightly more clothing.

Come well hydrated.

Try to avoid eating 2-3 hours before the class, but this is a general rule and really depends on an individual’s metabolism, for example. For the Bikram and PowerFlow classes, particularly, as they are workouts, arriving hungry may make class challenging as you will need fuel in your tank for the class. With experience, you will find the proper balance for yourself.

Women usually wear shorts, dancewear or athletic wear. Heavy track pants which are made of cotton, for example, should be avoided as they will hold the sweat and interfere with your movements. T-shirts are fine, but for the hot classes a sleeveless shirt, will be most comfortable.

Men typically wear shorts and go shirtless, but a t-shirt, or preferably a sleeveless shirt, may be worn. Typically “yoga shorts” of any type, board shorts, a bathing suit, or running shorts are worn and are quite suitable.

Bring a positive mental attitude and sense of adventure.

Have fun, be playful; it’s yoga practice, not yoga perfect. Everyone’s practice is individual according to the condition of their body, injury history, age, etc.. Your practice will change from day to day. It’s very important not to judge the practice according to the experience of your first class, or any class for that matter.

This is your time to leave the world behind, bring the mind into the body, and help yourself feel and look your best!

what should you bring?

We rent and sell mats and towels, and water is available for purchase.

A yoga mat
Two towels – one to sweat on and one for the shower afterwords. (We have full bathroom and shower facilities.)
A bottle of water, optimally a litre to 1.5 litres to ensure total hydration.

For beginners, the first classes are an introduction to practice. Always take class at your own pace and just do the best you can each day. Listen to your body and be extremely patient with yourself at the beginning (and always).  You are encouraged to take a break whenever necessary, standing or kneeling down on your mat, for example, but challenge yourself to stay in the room for the whole class so as not to disturb your own practice, or that of others.  Of course, if you must leave to go to the bathroom, for example, or because you are not feeling well, please do so in between postures, and re-enter the room in between postures so as to create a minimum of disturbance for yourself and others.