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Elizabeth Watts

On a weight loss mission, I decided to try yoga in Cambridge. Years of practising there led me to hatha yoga training. After teaching for years, I wanted to practise something different. I tried a Bikram class in Kitchener. I loved that I was sweating in class right from the start!! Every one at the studio was great and I loved regularly attending so I decided I wanted to teach it too. I took training November 2012. It was tough but I did it and was awarded the Flower Petal Blooming award. I’ve had experience helping people with head injuries and I have seen how yoga calms minds, stretches and strengthens bodies, and gives a whole clean feeling. I love seeing people walking on air and feeling super after class. I know yoga makes me feel great so I hope my teaching can help others feel as great as me if not better!

Elizabeth Watts is currently not instructing any classes.