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Teshia Maher

Teshia completed the Bikram Yoga teacher training program in Acapulco Mexico in 2008, and a Yin Yoga teacher training in Toronto, in 2010.

Teshia embraces her role as a yoga teacher with a selfless passion, and sees great potential and beauty in everyone, that walks into her classes. She celebrates the opportunity to lead her students on their journey of self-discovery, everyone comes into the room with a different history, yet everyone has a common goal: To better themselves. In her own words: “To witness such courage and transformation on a daily basis; this is the priceless gift I receive as a teacher. I feel so blessed!”

To expand her own practice, and with the hope of inspiring others to begin a yoga practice, Teshia participated in “Yoga Asana Championships” in both 2009 and 2011. Both of these years, Teshia went on to represent Toronto / Canada as the “Eastern Yoga Champion,” and also competed on an international stage in Los Angeles, California.

In addition to teaching yoga, Teshia is also the founder and Nutritionist of “Living Live Nutritional Consulting.” The merging of her two big passions, yoga and nutritional healing, is keeping Teshia busy in bliss, as she is truly, living her dream.

To learn more about this Yogini and Nutritionista, check out her website, at

Teshia Maher is currently not instructing any classes.